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Benefits of Selling to Sold Today: There are numerous advantages to selling your house to a company that specializes in buying houses, commonly known as a “we buy houses” company or a cash home buying company. The specific benefits you can enjoy will vary depending on your unique circumstances and priorities.

Sell your home the easy way with Sold Today! Here are a few potential advantages of selling your home to us.

why sell your house to sold today

Cash Offers: How do I get a cash offer on my house? Sold Today makes cash offers, providing you with a quick and guaranteed source of funds. This can be advantageous if you need immediate cash for another investment, debt payoff, or any other financial requirement. Traditional home sales can be subject to various delays, such as financing issues, inspections, and negotiations. When selling to a “we buy houses” company, these delays are minimized, ensuring a streamlined and prompt closing. You won’t have to wait for a buyer’s mortgage approval, which can often take weeks or even months.

Quick Sale: Certainly, a quick sale is often a primary motivation for selling a house to a “we buy houses” company. One of the main benefits is the speed of the transaction. “We buy houses” companies are known for making fast cash offers and closing deals quickly, often within a matter of days. If you need to sell your house urgently, this can be a convenient option. If you need to sell your house quickly due to relocation, financial challenges, or other time-sensitive reasons, these companies can provide a fast and efficient solution. The typical closing process is much quicker compared to traditional real estate transactions. At Sold Today we make Free No Obligation Cash Offers, you are never required to sell or accept are offer, you decide if its a fit for you.

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Selling your house doesn’t have to be complicated and take forever. Instead of dealing with real estate agents, potential buyers, home inspectors, appraisers, banks and contractors you work with just us. Before you sign a 12 month listing agreement with a realtor why not try a cash offer today, there’s nothing to lose!

I guarantee you will save time and money, we simplify the process and take the stress out of the situation.

As-Is Sales: We buy houses in their current condition, which means you don’t have to invest time or money in repairs or renovations. This can save you both time and the hassle of dealing with property improvements.

Reduced Time and Effort: Selling a house can be a time-consuming and demanding process, involving listing the property, organizing showings, and negotiating with potential buyers. However, opting for a quick sale to a cash buyer can significantly reduce the time and effort involved. By eliminating the need for a traditional sale, you can move forward with your life without enduring prolonged stress.

Minimized Holding Costs: Every day that you own a property, you may incur expenses such as mortgage payments, property taxes, and maintenance costs. By selling quickly to a Sold Today, you can minimize the duration of these holding costs.

Avoiding Traditional Listing Hassles: Selling a house through traditional methods (e.g., real estate agents, listings) can be a lengthy and complex process involving showings, negotiations, and potential delays. Selling to a “we buy houses” company simplifies the process and reduces the associated stress. There is also no payment of a 6 percent commission to a realtor and Sold Today pays all closing costs.

Flexible Closing Timeline: Sold Today often emphasize a quick closing process, we are willing to work with you to determine a timeline that suits your needs. This flexibility can be valuable, especially if you need extra time to relocate or find a new place to live.

Certainty of Sale: Unlike traditional home sales that may fall through due to financing issues or inspection problems, selling to a “we buy houses” company typically involves a straightforward and certain process. Once you accept the offer, the sale is usually guaranteed. When you sell to us you have a sure thing.

No 6 percent Commission paid to Realtors

When homeowners sell their properties through traditional real estate methods, they typically pay a commission fee to both the buyer’s and seller’s agents. This commission can amount to around 6% of the sale price, with each agent receiving a portion.

Example: As mentioned above, the commission is typically split evenly between the buyer’s agent and the listing agent. So, if a home sells for $250,000 with a 6% commission, the seller’s agent and buyer’s agent will split the total commission of $15,000, with each agent receiving $7,500. Leaving you the seller with $235,000 before paying closing costs and other settlement fees. You the seller are responsible for paying the real estate commission to both your agent and the buyer’s agent, avoid paying commissions by selling directly to Sold Today. Learn more about commissions

Sellers seeking to maximize their profits from the sale may find the potential cost savings to be an appealing factor. Cash home buyers frequently promote themselves as providing a simpler and more economical option compared to the conventional real estate procedure.

It’s important to note that while not paying a traditional commission may be a benefit, sellers should evaluate all aspects of a cash offer, including the purchase price, terms, and any associated fees, to ensure that it aligns with their overall goals and priorities. Consulting with real estate professionals can provide valuable insights and help sellers make informed decisions. When you sell to Sold Today, we don’t charge any real estate commission for fees.

We Really Buy Houses

Sold Today will actually buy your house from you, we won’t waste your time and we don’t assign the contract to another investor or buyer, we don’t sell or share your information with a third party, we work directly with you. We are a real company that buys house directly from home owners. We assume all the risks and liabilities from purchasing your property. This differs from assigning a contract which is common practice in the industry. Assigning a real estate contract allows new inexperienced investors to participate in a real estate transaction with less capital and risk compared to directly purchasing the property, Sold Today dose not practice this method as it can leave a bad taste in the mouths of sellers and clients, re-assigning the contact ultimately is less beneficial for the seller because the inexperienced investor may not be able to perform on the contact and the property never gets sold causing further delays and additional stress for the seller not to mention they have to look for a new buyer at this point and start the process over again. We don’t sell your information to a third party company for them to buy your house. When you work with Sold Today we handle everything in house conducting all aspects of the purchasing process internally, rather than outsourcing any functions to external providers. This allows for complete transparency for you the seller and control over the whole process, this requires significant investment of time and resources. That’s why its important to deal with reputable companies to avoid these issues and potential scams.

These are some of the house we bought. Again we wont waste your time, if your looking to sell your house for any reason at fair market value or need help with the process feel free to contact us. There are no fees to work with Sold Today, are services are free and we can help you sell your unwanted property. You PAY ZERO real estate commissions and Sold Today pays all the sellers closing costs. You will save time and money, are results are proven time after time. Why sell to a new inexperienced investor or list your house with an agent when you can sell to Sold Today? Sounds to good to be true, its not.

Your best interest kept at all times

At Sold Today we keep the seller’s best interests, in achieving their specific goals, maximizing proceeds for the seller from the sale, and ensuring a smooth and successful transaction. Our Teams open and transparent communication, fosters trust and ensures that sellers are well-informed throughout the process. Sellers may have unique circumstances or preferences, such as the need for a rent-back period or specific conditions for the sale. Sold Today always is willing to accommodate these needs. We offer a variety of services to ensure a smooth transition for our sellers.

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